Whether it's new construction or remodel; the backyard or high rise, painting and maintaining your railings and fences are a thing of the past! Unlike wood or wrought iron, Durarail™ Aluminum Railings and Fencing will not rust, rot, peel or need repainting.

Value-Added Engineering The perfect compliment or upgrade to exterior finishes, Durarail™ enhances both the appearance and value of your property, while eliminating costly maintenance.

Smart Versatile Design Designed

for hassle-free, fast installation, Durarail™ components are lightweight and simple, from start to finish. Durarail™ is available in "view-through," tempered glass, different picket designs, and traditional picket.
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Powder-coated Durability
  • Aluminum & Glass Construction
  • Clean Look
  • Simple Beauty
  • 20-Year Warranty
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